Student Choreography Rules




The student may choose any musical play from the list announced by the State Board of Directors in the September issue of the Florida State Thespian web page.


  1. The student choreography may select any song from the list of plays designated by the State Board of Directors from the musical theatre selections.
  2. Students must submit a prompt book for the dance. The submitted prompt book must include, but is not limited to:

A.  Thematic statement of the dance

B.  Character summary: include relationships with each other and their surroundings, using the characters who are present in the musical number.

 C. Floor plan for the dance:  provide a complete ground plan to a scale as you would stage it in full performance for the dance.

3. Only (1) one student may be the Choreographer . NO COLLABORATION.

4. Student Choreographer MUST choose performers who are participating in one other event at the district level in order for them to qualify for state. The Student Choreographer may NOT be one of those performers.

5. Be prepared to answer questions based on the performance of the dance.

6. Time limit: five (5) minutes for the required uninterrupted performance. The remainder of the time is designated for justification and questions. The event shall not exceed ten minutes.

7. 1 to 16 performers.

Allowable Options 

1. One (1) chair per character in the chosen dance.

2. One sturdy table provided.

3. Prop(s) may be brought at the student choreographer discretion if it is an integral part of the dance for example a cane or hat used in a Fosse style dance.