1. The stage will be be a minimum of 32’x16′. The stage will be level on the floor with raked seating for the audience.

2. There will be steps stage left and stage right for access to the stage from the wings.

3. There one set of pipe and drape stage left and stage right to serve as wings. There is a 3′-0″ crossover all the way around the stage.

4. You will not be able to hang any goods in this room.

5. Pyrotechnical equipment, fog, haze and smoke are NOT ALLOWED during your one acts. This includes candles and lanterns.


1. There is a microphone on a stand off stage left and right.

2. A cassette deck and CD player are available.

3. Any DAT needed must be brought in and can be tied into the house sound system. Please let the STRAZ representative know at the technical meeting.

4. Headsets are set up stage left, stage right, at the sound booth and at the light console.

5. The stage manager may call the show from back stage or from the lighting booth. Because of the limited space back stage, unless it is imperative to the show that it be called from back stage it is recommended that shows be called from the lighting/sound booth.


The light board is set up with submasters. It will act like a single scene manual board with a grandmaster.

There will be the following areas:

Upstage Right

Upstage Center

Upstage Left

Downstage Right

Downstage Center

Downstage Left

Full stage warm or cool wash.

Edison outlets are available upstage,left and right.