Straz Guidelines

STRAZ Center Rules


Clothing: We ask that ALL students dress as stagehands. The students should wear shoes that cover the whole foot.  So no open toes, sling/open back shoes, or sandals.  Please no overly baggy clothing, skirts, or long hair hanging loose.
**The loading dock supervisor has the right to ask a student to sit out during loading and unloading of the truck if he/she feels that a students clothing is a potential danger.

Directing trucks:  Students are welcome to direct their school’s truck into the loading dock.  But the students should  NEVER be on the same level as the trucks.  The students should direct the trucks form the upper level of the dock.

Conduct in the building: No one at any time should run anywhere in the building.  If there is an emergency find a host or someone else with a radio (like Straz Center security) to contact the person you need.

We ask that you follow these rules closely to avoid problems and injuries that we have had in the past.

We hope that everyone has a wonderful experience during his or her visit.