SM Meeting Agenda

Stage Manager Meeting Check List:

Start the meeting after ensuring all troupes have their stagemanager or a representative present.

1.   Briefly discuss general rules.

2.   Show waiting area for dressing rooms.

3.   Show where assigned dressing rooms are located.  Remind troupesthe dressing rooms are to be left clean.

4.   Identify adjudication room, time and procedure.

5.   Review time keeping rules.

6.   Show where light and sound control booths are and directions.

7.   Indicate light areas and wash zone.

8.   Indicate location of all outlets and mics available.

9.    Show where head phones are located.

10.  Define the “on stage” and “off stage” area.

11.   Review pre-set rules and post performance procedure.

12.   Review drape options.

13.   Discuss special needs for starting and ending time rules.

14.   Remind troupes all areas -( dressing rooms, stage, loading dock) must be left clear and clean.