Ferguson Tech


  1. You have the option of using the main curtain during your set ups. Please let the Straz Center representative know during the tech meeting if you plan on using the main.
  2. You may use either the mid stage traveler or the cyc.
  3. The legs will all be in and set for a proscenium width of 40 feet.
  4. There will be steps stage left and stage right for access to the house from the stage.
  5. If you need to hang anything arrangement must be made in advance. Please let the Straz Center representative know no later than the tech meeting.
  6. Pyrotechnical equipment, fog, haze and smoke are NOT ALLOWED during your one acts. This includes candles and lanterns.


There will be floor microphones set up downstage of the proscenium edge. DO NOT STEP ON THEM, THEY ARE NOT “THESPIAN SPEED BUMPS”.

  1. There is a microphone on a stand off stage left and right.
  2. A cassette deck, CD player, and a reel to reel deck are available.
  3. Any DAT needed must be brought in and can be tied into the house sound system. Please let the Straz Center representative know at the technical meeting.
  4. Headsets are set up stage left, stage right, at the sound booth and at the light console.
  5. The stage manager may call the show from stage left or from the lighting booth.


The light board is set up with submasters. It will act like a single scene manual board with a grandmaster. The stage manager must notify the electrician if the traveler is in or out so the board can be programmed properly.

With the traveler in there will be the following areas:

  • DSL – washes in pink, blue or no color
  • DSR – washes in pink, blue, or no color
  • DSC – washes in pink, blue or no color
  • Downstage full wash in pink and Downstage full wash in blue

With the traveler out there will be the following areas:

  • SL – pink or blue wash
  • SR – pink or blue wash
  • SC – pink or blue wash
  • Full stage – pink or blue wash
  • DSL – no color front light
  • DSR – no color front light
  • DSC – no color front light
  • USL – no color front light
  • USC – no color front light
  • USR – no color front light
  • Edison outlets are available downstage and upstage, left and right.