New Sponsors

Starting a new troupe?  Want to bring to life an old troupe?


Your first step is to call the Educational Theatre Association (known as the International Thespian Society). You can reach them at (513)421-3900.  You can also contact them at  Ask them to research your high school by a troupe number (if you know it) or by your school’s name.  Perhaps all you need is to have your records updated and pay a fee.

If your school is very new or has never had a troupe before, ask them to send you a NEW TROUPE KIT.  This will give you all the paperwork, information and fees necessary to start your troupe. 

Once you are properly affiliated with Internationals they will let me, the State Director know and I will let your District Chair know that very same day.  In that way you will know all the dates, deadlines and events for everything in Florida.

Please do not hesitate to contact your District Chair, whose contact information is available on our website, and thank you for your support of Florida State Thespians.

Lindsay Painter
State Director