Sound Design Rules

Not currently a state event.



1. The student may choose any play from the list announced by the State Board of
Directors in the September issue of the Florida State Thespian web page.

2. The entrant must present a Sound System plot on 2 pages.
a. Page 1 should be the speaker plot indicating where on the set and in the
performance space loudspeakers will be placed. (Example included)
b. Page 2 should be a list of equipment you are placing in your speaker plot. This
should include speaker size, power (in watts) and brand along with amplifiers
necessary to power speakers if necessary.

3. Provide 4 copies of a one-page Design Statement and Sound Cue Sheet (example
included): Discuss the director’s point of view of the play and his/her sound wishes,
discuss your vision for sound, discuss any major messages in the play that sound should
enhance, and discuss technically how the sound was achieved.

4. Provide suitable examples of the sound design on CD or mp3 player with 1/8” plug
adaptor to be played on a provided sound system. Please take good care of your media
and bring back-ups to ensure a smooth presentation. Examples should cover the major
goals outlined in the design statement. You should master your CD so that once the level
is set for your first track all of your other examples will be at the ideal volume. Please
consider that the ideal volume should be representative of the sounds used in the show.

5. Plan your presentation so that you can play your examples without talking over them.
The created sound is your product; let it shine.

6. Only one entrant may be involved in the design. No collaborations are allowed.

7. The applicant must make an oral presentation justifying the design. Note cards may be
used. The applicant must be prepared to answer questions about the design. Questions
are part of the ten (10) minutes allotted time.

8. The introduction must include ONLY the entrant’s name, troupe number, title of play, and

9. The presentation cannot exceed five (5) minutes and the overall session cannot exceed
ten (10) minutes, including setup and Q&A.