Rules & Critiques

FOR A COPY OF ALL THE CRITIQUE SHEETS FOR INDIVIDUAL EVENTS (both performance and technical) Click Here          Alternate Version

General Individual Events Rules

Any violation of the General Rules of Florida State Thespians’ Individual Events will be subject to disqualification and/or disciplinary action by the Board of Directors.

All individual events have a maximum time limit of five (5) minutes, except for Monologues and Technical Events as stated in the rules. If any student or group goes over this time limit, she/he/they will be disqualified. Please review the time keeping procedures.



1. An introduction MUST include ONLY the entrant’s name(s), title of selection, troupe number and notice of asterisk material. Do not give name of school or other information. The time begins after the troupe number is said.

2. The introduction may not be used to establish mood or define character. The introduction is not a performance piece.

3. If your piece contains material that MAY offend members of your audience, you are REQUIRED to asterisk the piece on the Individual Event Registration Form and you are REQUIRED to include in your introduction that your piece contains “material that may possibly offend” and you are REQUIRED to allow a few, brief moments for audience members, should they choose, to leave.

The asterisk must be followed by one or more of the following codes:
L -for adult language;
S  -for sexual situations;
D -death;
SA -for substance abuse;
V -for violence;
R -for religious commentary;
P -for works related to prejudice or intolerance.

4. The audience will make no noise after an Individual Event — this includes applause.

5. Students are encouraged to wear appropriate audition/rehearsal attire in all Individual Events. Click here for the board’s guidelines for “appropriate audition/rehearsal attire.” Costumes will not be considered in an adjudication or scoring of an event.(If an event moves on to the National Festival, dress must adhere to their festival guidelines.)

6. All material should be presented as if within the context of a full production.

7. Props are permissible if they are USED by the actor and are NECESSARY  to the action of the scene. (If an event moves on to the National festival, props will not be allowed.)

8. No sound effect or music is allowed in any Acting Individual Event unless specified in the text of the scene.

9. A playwright’s work may NOT be re-constructed for presentation in an Individual Event. (ie. you may not splice scenes from various parts of the play to create your own adaptation)

10. The number of entries and events in the Individual Events will be determined annually by the State Board.

11. Students may participate in no more than 3 Individual Events in addition to the One Act Event.

12. No student may enter an event more than once.

13. ACCOMPANISTS: Each musical theatre event is allowed up to one accompanist per event. Any other musical instrument played will be counted as a performer within the number allowed in the event. A Student accompanist at State must be fully registered; an adult accompanist at State must be registered as a chaperone or attend with a day pass. A student who only accompanies an event at Districts that proceeds to State may attend State as a fully registered student.

14. Students receiving a Superior rating at the District level are eligible to perform at the State level. It is possible that the sponsor will be able to bring students receiving Excellents at Districts to State. This will be determined every August and will be detailed in the registration packet. Final selection will be the sponsor’s decision.

15. There will be a $25.00 fee for each change or cancellation made.

16. All Individual Events presented at State Festival must be the same title and cutting, with the same participants, that received a Superior at District Festival.

17. Prop Guns: A prop gun may be used if essential to the scene as long as it meets the following criteria: 1. the gun prop may have no moving parts; 2. the gun prop must have a solid filled barrel; 3. the gun prop must be in the possession of the teacher until it is actually used in the scene – the student cannot carry or transport the gun prop to the performance venue; 4. once the scene is done the gun prop must be returned immediately to the teacher.

18. All Participants must be currently enrolled and attending classes at the same school as the troupe presenting the IEs. Home school students may be included in the troupes IEs if those students reside within the boundaries of that school. Any exceptions must be made to the State Director.

19. All events are limited to the furniture listed in each individual event and provided in the room by the facility or the hosting organization. No furniture that is stepped on, sat on, or danced on can be brought in from an outside group without written permission of the hosting organization in advance of the festival.