Playwriting Rules



1. The script must be the original work of one current student OR the collaborative
work of no more than two current students from the same Thespian troupe.

2. The text must contain dialogue, and have a minimum of two characters.

3. The script submitted must be in the form of a non-musical one-act stage-play
with a maximum total length of 30 pages.

4. The script should be produced using the designated elements and their specified
pagination, and according to the Florida State Thespian guidelines. All text must
be in the Palatino font.

5. The Board suggests using professional scriptwriting software such as Final Draft,
Script It, Scrivener, Slugline, Trelby, Storyist, or StoryO.

6. Scripts must be saved as a PDF file, and emailed to the District Chair or State
Director per the given competition deadlines. It is the responsibility of the
playwright(s) and Troupe Sponsor to ensure the safe, complete, and timely
transmission and receipt of all necessary digital documents. No paper copies of
the script will be accepted.

7. The first page of the script will be the Title page, including information relating to
the title, playwright(s), sponsor, troupe number, school name, and completion
date, and will be arranged according to the Florida State Thespian guidelines.

8. The (optional) second page of the script may contain a synopsis, character list
and breakdown, floor-plan, or any other information the playwright(s) deem(s)
necessary to understanding the script.

9. All successive pages of the script will contain the actual text of the stage-play
and will be arranged according to the Florida State Thespian guidelines.
10. The script will contain only pages specified by the Florida State Thespian

11. A script that is improperly formatted is in violation of the specified Florida State
Thespian guidelines and is subject to disqualification prior to adjudication.

12. Judges may make comments on the evaluation form and/or during the verbal

13. A festival evaluation (if possible) will include ten(10) minutes of verbal
interaction to be used as the judges see fit to expand the learning process of the

Updated: Thursday, August 22, 2013