Policies and Procedures for an Accusation of Plagiarism in a Tech Event


 The Florida State Thespians have a strong belief in maintaining both artistic and educational integrity of the work presented at the State Festival.  To this end, the Board of Directors of Florida State Thespians has adopted these procedures when there is a suspicion of plagiarism.  Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines plagiarism as the act of stealing and passing off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own; use of (another’s production) without crediting the source.

  1. When plagiarism is suspected in a tech event, he/she will complete the adjudication form as usual.
  2. The adjudicator(s) are to alert the State Director as soon as possible.
  3. The State Director will have the adjudicator complete a disqualification form stating the reason for the suspicion of plagiarism.
  4. The State Director will inform the adjudicator(s) that they must send to the State Director within one week after the close of the state festival the precise citation(s) of the source(s) believed to be plagiarized.
  5. The State Director will notify the troupe sponsor of the need to meet with the sponsor and student to meet with the State Director in a timely manner while at the State Festival.
  6. At this meeting, the Sponsor and student will be informed of the suspicion.  They will be informed that the adjudication will be withheld pending the receipt of the source citation from the adjudicator(s).
  7. The State Director will forward to the sponsor the citations from the adjudicator(s).
  8. The Sponsor will have two weeks to respond either providing a rebuttal to the suspicion or a plan to prevent plagiarism in the future.
  9. The State Director will determine, after receiving the troupe Sponsor’s rebuttal if the disqualification will stand.
  10. If the troupe sponsor does not respond within the two-week limit, the troupe will be suspended from active troupe status and the disqualification will remain.  The troupe may be returned to active status once the State Director receives the troupe plan to prevent further acts of plagiarism.